What is an Inverter & how do they work?

What is an Inverter & how do they work?

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What is an Inverter & how do they work?

by | Jun 29, 2022 | Insights | 0 comments


Simply put, this component transforms DC (Direct Current) power into AC power (Alternating Current). DC has only one direction of movement, which is suitable for Solar Panels because they only need to absorb sunlight and drive it through the system in one direction. This might be an oversimplified explanation but for now, that’s all you need to know for the purpose of this article.

AC flows in both directions , all of your appliances are powered in this way.

Now we have that out the way let’s move on to the next part.


How do they work?

The energy from your Panels or your Batteries are fed to the inverter, then, in turn, handles that energy by transforming the DC power to AC.

You get three main types of Inverters you can use, each one functions a bit differently to the other:


The Panels are connected directly into the inverter which then, in turn, plugs into your building electrical box (DB Board).

Hybrids are used for Grid-Tied / Off-Grid / Storage and generator inputs. All different Solar Power applications are possible with Hybrid variations, which is the most versatile option.  Hybrid inverters accept DC and AC power .

Here are the general functions that Grid-Tied and Hybrids typically perform:

  • Synchronise to the grid
  • Disconnect if the grid goes down
  • Use an alternative power source (solar, battery or wind)
  • Detect if any power sources are depleted and switch to another
  • Monitor power usage

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