Pylontech US3000 3.5kwh Lithium ion Batteries


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Pylontech US3000 3.5kwh Lithium ion Batteries

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Pylontech US3000 lithium battery, 3.55 kWh modules, maximum instantaneous charge and discharge power and discharge depth up to 90%.

  • 10 year warranty
  • longer life cycle, exceeding 6000 cycles
  • internal molecular structure of LFP batteries
  • compact and modular design

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Product Reviews

1 review for Pylontech US3000 3.5kwh Lithium ion Batteries

  1. rubenbanker

    These batteries run for a long time, very good

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Product Full Description

Pylontech's latest battery model

US3000 is the latest battery system provided by Pylontech with extensive experience delivering our product to more than 20,000 homes.Its durable, highest energy and power density in the industry, fashionable design, ease of installation and expansion, all reflect the real requirements of end-users and the strongest technical capacity of Pylontech.

The US3000 has an integrated BMS battery management system, which can manage and monitor item information, including voltage, current and temperature. In addition, BMS can balance the load and discharge of cells to prolong the duration of the cycle.


The entire module is non-toxic, non-polluting and environmentally friendly;
The cathodes material is made of LiFePO4 with safety performance and a long lifespan;
The Battery Management System (BMS) has protective functions, including against excessive discharges, overloads, over-power and high/low temperatures;
The system can automatically manage the state of charge and discharge and balance the current and voltage of each cell;
Flexible configuration, several battery modules can be in parallel to increase capacity and power.
The automatic cooling mode adopts reduces noise from the system as a whole;
The module has less self-discharge, up to 6 months without load on the shelf, no memory effect, excellent load performance and surface discharge;The operating temperature range is -10 to 50, (charge 0-50; discharge -10-50);
The standard 19-inch built-in module is comfortable for installation and maintenance.


1 "master" battery can supervise 7 "slave" batteries (maximum 8 batteries in each battery group).

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